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Hi Jeff and Lauren,
We got this flurry of emails of many HTW courts wanting to join this listserv last Fall.  I was just reading over this again and wanted to check on this list serv.  I am not sure that I have been added as I have not been receiving any listserv notices and Jeff you stated that it is a pretty active list serv.
I went back to find this discussion because I was thinking about how I am interested in what kind of case management (software) that other HTW courts, or small drug courts, are using.
If possible, could you make sure I am added on to the listserv, and two may I request that question be submitted.

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Hi Marie:
My name is Jeff Kushner, I am the statewide drug court administrator in Montana.  I moderate the rural listserv for the American University.  We have a pretty active listserv and many loyal followers.  When things get a little slow, I will ask a question or make a statement to get responses going on the listserv.  I also will respond when someone else brings up an issue but usually to clarify or site references.  I have only not allowed a comment once that I can remember due to rudeness.  There are so many issues and new research in our field that we don't find it a problem to keep the discussion going....

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My name is Marie Pappas, I work for the State Court Administrative Office in Michigan.

I am writing to ask about the success of your listserv with the rural courts.  What has made the listserv a success?  How do you communicate to the courts about the listserv?

We have a site for our problem-solving courts to have open communications with one another, review documents developed by other programs, manuals and trainings we at the SCAO developed; we are trying to see how we can utilize this site better.

I look forward hearing about to any information you can share!

Marie Pappas
State Court Administrative Office
pappasm at courts.mi.gov<mailto:pappasm at courts.mi.gov>
trialcourtservices at courts.mi.gov<mailto:trialcourtservices at courts.mi.gov>
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