[Tribal-drug-courts] drug screen vs intoxilyzer readings

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In Cass County we test for EtG as alcohol is the drug of choice for most of
our participants.  We use a quick test cup that screens for EtG in addition
to 7 other drugs and we catch them often.   We rarely have the expense of
the lab as a training we attended with the toxicologist told us that if they
are negative on the quick test, they'll be negative at the lab.  So we just
have the expense of the cups.  


Shirley Smith

Cass County/Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Wellness Court


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Good afternoon all,

We got a participant that is in HTWC on alcohol related charges, we have
been giving the participant both drug screens and intoxilyzer test and he
has never failed a drug test.  In our small community it is kind of known
that he was never into any drugs just alcohol.  My question is would you be
comfortable just giving the participant the intoxilyzer test and not drug

Thank you,



Adrian Hale

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