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The lab that we use runs a panel for the alcohol as well.  Surprising to us... we actually catch some.  We don't have the luxury of using an intoxilyzer when we want to (it is under the control of the Department of Public Safety - Tribal Police).

Depending on your funding and the limitations... we have used the SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring) ankle monitors a little.  There are also a variety portable breathalyzer machines.
And even have seen little tubes that suspects (clients) can blow into as instructed and see a result of pass or fail.  Lots of stuff out there.

Probably need to try out this or that and see what you like (and can afford).

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Good afternoon all,
We got a participant that is in HTWC on alcohol related charges, we have been giving the participant both drug screens and intoxilyzer test and he has never failed a drug test.  In our small community it is kind of known that he was never into any drugs just alcohol.  My question is would you be comfortable just giving the participant the intoxilyzer test and not drug screens?
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