[Tribal-drug-courts] Workshop on Trauma, Domestic Violence & Substance Abuse: Culturally-based Healing

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REGISTER: Workshop on Trauma, Domestic Violence & Substance Abuse: Culturally-based Healing

Sharing workshop announcement from the Indigenous Women's Justice Institute


Contact Brenda Hill at brendahillconsulting at gmail.com<mailto:brendahillconsulting at gmail.com> or 605-545-0529 or

Karen Artichoker at karen.artichoker at gmail.com<mailto:karen.artichoker at gmail.com> or 605-407-9425


 Workshop Announcement!
October 4 - 6, 2017      Rapid City, SD
Trauma, Domestic Violence & Substance Abuse:
Culturally-based Healing

Many Native people, young and old, have survived a lifetime of violence that profoundly impacts their lives in many ways.  This workshop begins with a look at the root causes and layers of violence/trauma in Indian Country, and their impact, including substance abuse and domestic violence. The major focus will be on culturally-based, trauma-informed responses that facilitate the healing process for victims/survivors, and self-care for advocates and other helpers. Programming for Native youth and offenders, including equine therapy, is an inspirational part of this workshop. Opportunities to participate in conversations and activities that can be used in virtually any setting, occur throughout the three days together!

Who Should Attend?  This workshop is appropriate for advocates, law enforcement, court personnel, housing, social services, medical personnel and community members.  Any person working in a helping profession, or has experienced or witnessed addiction and violence will benefit from this workshop.

The Indigenous Women's Justice Institute and Brenda Hill Consulting look forward to sharing information, approaches and perspectives to support healing from violence in our families and tribal communities. Greg Grey Cloud & Aldo “Bear” Seoane of Wica Agli will be joining us to share their expertise and sense of humor!

October 4 - 6, 2017
Grand Gateway Hotel
 1721 North LaCrosse St., Rapid City, SD

Space is limited so early registration is encouraged!

Registration Fee:

·       Early Bird (before September 1): $400.00/person
·       After September 1: $425.00/person
·       Group Rate (two or more): $375.00/person

Note: Workshop has been submitted to OVW for approval.

Registration Form, Workshop Agenda, Hotel Info and
Facilitators’ Bio’s attached!

The workshop “Trauma, Domestic Violence & Substance Abuse: Culturally-based Healing" has been approved by the University of South Dakota for 1.6 CEUs and OVW has approved/conditionally approved grantees' use of funding to attend depending upon specific grants. Details are contained on the first page of the attached announcement.


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