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Hello Everyone:

Just in case you have not already seen the revised language relating to Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)  in the BJA Solicitation for FY 2015 Drug Court Discretionary Grant Funding, below is the link to the BJA website where the   revised version is posted: https://www.bja.gov/Funding/15DrugCourtSol.pdf

The following is an excerpt of the pertinent provisions relating to MAT in the solicitation: :

".....Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is an evidence-based substance abuse treatment protocol and BJA supports the right of individuals to have access to appropriate MAT under the care and prescription of a physician. BJA recognizes that all communities may not have access to MAT due to a lack of physicians who are able to prescribe and oversee clients using anti-alcohol and opioid medications. This will not preclude the applicant from applying, but where and when available, BJA supports the client’s right to access MAT. This right extends to participation as a client in a BJA-funded drug court.
Applicants must demonstrate that the drug court(s) for which funds are sought will not deny any eligible client for the drug court access to the program because of their use of FDA-approved medications for the treatment of substance use disorders (e.g., methadone, buprenorphine products including buprenorphine/naloxone combination formulations and buprenorphine mono-product formulations, naltrexone products including extended-release and oral formulations, disulfiram, and acamprosate calcium). Specifically, methadone treatment rendered in 7 BJA-2015-4087  accordance with current federal and state methadone dispensing regulations from an Opioid Treatment Program and ordered by a physician who has evaluated the client and determined that methadone is an appropriate medication treatment for the individual’s opioid use disorder must be permitted. Similarly, medications available by prescription must be permitted unless the judge determines the following conditions have not been met:

 *   the client is receiving those medications as part of treatment for a diagnosed substance use disorder
 *   a licensed clinician, acting within their scope of practice, has examined the client and determined that the medication is an appropriate treatment for their substance use disorder
 *   the medication was appropriately authorized through prescription by a licensed prescriber

In all cases, MAT must be permitted to be continued for as long as the prescriber determines that the medication is clinically beneficial. Grantees must assure that a drug court client will not be compelled to no longer use MAT as part of the conditions of the drug court if such a mandate is inconsistent with a licensed prescriber’s recommendation or valid prescription.
Under no circumstances may a drug court judge, other judicial official, correctional supervision officer, or any other staff connected to the identified drug court deny the use of these medications when made available to the client under the care of a properly authorized physician and pursuant to regulations within an Opioid Treatment Program or through a valid prescription and under the conditions described above. A judge, however, retains judicial discretion to mitigate/reduce the risk of abuse, misuse, or diversion of these medications. .."

Apologies if you have already seen these revisions but just wanted to be sure you are aware of them.

Please follow up if you have any questions.


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