[Tribal-drug-courts] Underage Drinking Distance learning courses: six No-Cost resources.

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[cid:image003.jpg at 01D0394C.22784730]                            UDETC Distance learning courses: six No-Cost resources.

The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention's Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Center<http://www.udetc.org/> (UDETC) offers distance learning courses<http://www.udetc.org/distancelearning.htm> on strategies for enforcement of underage drinking laws and preventing youth access to alcohol. UDETC currently has six courses available. These online courses are available at no-cost and include: Conducting Compliance Check Operations, Environmental Strategies, Party Prevention and Controlled Party Dispersal, Techniques for Managing Special Events, Source Investigations, and our newest course on Using Community Volunteers to Support Prevention and Enforcement of Underage Drinking. Participants can receive a certificate upon completion of each course.  In the coming months, look for our seventh course titled, "Developing Data-Driven Strategies to Reduce Underage Drinking".  To learn more about our current distance learning opportunities click here:



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