[Tribal-drug-courts] Information Request: Software and Other Systems Used for Random Drug Testing

Lauren van Schilfgaarde Lauren at tlpi.org
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Greetings Healing to Wellness Courts. American University's Drug Court Technical Assistance Project received a request from the Veterans Treatment Court of Riverside County, CA. They are interested to learn more about available software and other programs used to implement randomized drug testing.

If you utilize a certain type of software, or have system/program that you have found to be successful, and would like to share with the Drug Court community, please email!

Thanks in advance, and happy Friday.

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Subject: Information Request: Software or other systems used to implement random drug testing

Hello Everyone:

We would appreciate any information you can provide regarding the system and/or software your program uses to implement a random drug testing process,    If anyone has software they can share, that would, of course, be great.

I'm copying Monica Nguyen, Deputy Public Defender for Riverside County, California on this note.  Monica is working with the County's Veterans Court program and would appreciate any assistance the field can provide.

(See Monica's note below):

I handle all of the Riverside Court veterans in our Veterans Treatment Court for the Riverside Office of the Public Defender.  Judge Mark Johnson is presently interested in ensuring the randomized testing of our participants.  I came across software on the internet that can be used to randomize testing.  I am wondering if folks already have the software that can be shared with us to help us to ensure randomized testing of our participants.

I look forward to your response.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


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