[Tribal-drug-courts] Webinar: Evidence Behind Medication Assisted Therapies for Opioid Addiction

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December 17, 2014

The Evidence Behind Medication Assisted Therapies and Behavioral Interventions for Opioid Addiction<http://ncja-avectra.informz.net/z/cjUucD9taT0zOTI1ODg0JnA9MSZ1PTc4ODkzMjI0NiZsaT0yMzgwMTQ2Ng/index.html>

January 15, 2015

1:00-2:30 PM EST


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drug overdose was the leading cause of injury death in 2012. Additionally, 53 percent of these deaths were related to pharmaceuticals with the majority of these being related to opioids typically prescribed for pain.   Now, with heroin overdoses deaths doubling from 2010 to 2012 and the steady rise in heroin initiation since 2007, health and justice system leaders are struggling to deal with the opioid crisis. While criminal justice efforts have focused on the supply side of opioid availability, much less public attention has been paid to treatment and demand reduction strategies. The Evidence Behind Medication Assisted Therapies and Behavioral Interventions for Opioid Addiction will explore what the science says works in helping individuals with opioid use disorders.  This webinar will discuss the scope of the problem, the research behind medication assisted therapies and how behavioral interventions can enhance treatment effectiveness.

Speakers for the webinar are:

 *   Michael P. Botticelli, Acting Director, White House Office of National Drug Control Policy
 *   Dr. Marc Fishman, Addiction Psychiatrist, Department of Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
 *   Nancy Petry, Ph.D., Professor of Medicine, University of Connecticut School of Medicine and Editor, Psychology of Addictive Behaviors

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