Hopi Appellate Court Cases Project

UPDATE: We now have about a dozen cases in final form. Also, you can click here to see a possible final "templated" version of all Hopi case. Please check out the Final Version Folder to see and proof these cases.

Note: you may need to refresh the Final Version folder to see the most recent additions.

Hey Pat, Kristen, and Jerry,

Work has finally commenced on the Hopi cases. Scandoc did an "o.k." job scanning the cases in html, but Kristen and I have had to work our butts off correcting and editing the cases (total time for each case: 2 hours at a minimum) before they are ported and posted on the new Hopi site. 

So everyone can proof and check the progress of the cases at any time from their PC's, I created a few folders to hold the following:

First editing folder (by Kristen) hold cases that have been edited and proofed for factual (scanning) errors.

Format editing folder (by Lou) hold cases that have been edited for format for display on the web

Final version folder (by Pat, Kristen, Jerry, and Lou) will hold the FINAL versions of the Hopi cases (final editing for factual correctness and for final web formatting).

Hopefully, this system will help expedite the project along. To recap the system: 

Kristen will correct scanning errors in the cases and will then post the corrected cases in the First editing folder

I will then format Kristen's cases and post the formatted cases in the Format editing folder

Pat, Kristen and Jerry will then do a final proofing of these formatted cases, and the proofed cases will then be posted to the Final version folder

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me at any time.